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Relieve Your Pain With Spinal Decompression Therapy

Mature adult women yoga classAre you tired of putting up with disc pain? Perhaps you’re looking to relieve your pain but you don’t want to have a potentially risky surgery. Maybe you’ve received injections at the doctor’s office but they were unsuccessful. We have a fantastic solution! At Johnson Chiropractic, we offer a nonsurgical approach to various disc conditions using FDA-cleared spinal decompression therapy.

Disc Issues We Can Address

With spinal decompression therapy, we can treat discs that are

  • Damaged
  • Degenerative
  • Bulging
  • Herniated
  • Ruptured

Those with such disc issues also may experience low back pain, leg pain, arm pain, arm numbness and weakness.

Without intervention such as spinal decompression, the disc will seldom retract into its correct position.

How It Works

Spinal decompression works by creating a vacuum between the two vertebrae upon the disc itself. The therapy retracts the disc material off of the two spinal nerves and the spinal cord itself.


What is the success rate of this therapy?

For the lower back (the lumbar spine) Dr. Johnson is getting about an 87% success rate for his patients. Those receiving spinal decompression for their neck (cervical spine) have about a 75% success rate.

How often will I need to get treatment?

Patients typically come in three times a week. They also receive cold laser therapy.

How long is each session?

Please allow 20-30 minutes for each session.

How many sessions will I need?

Usually, you will have at least 12 sessions (of both spinal decompression and cold laser therapy), which we consider a trial period. It depends on how many levels you have that you’re having problems with. We also consider the severity of your particular issue.

If you have a severe condition, you could receive up to 48 treatments. Again, it depends on how many levels need to be repaired and the severity involved.

Is spinal decompression painful?

No, typically there isn’t any pain involved.

Is the therapy covered by insurance?

It is not. We do, however, offer a 10 percent discount if you prepay 12 visits.

Will I be a candidate for the therapy?

We won’t know until we perform an examination.

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