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Dr. Johnson reviewing xrays.

New Patients at Johnson Chiropractic

When you arrive at Johnson Chiropractic, you’ll be greeted by a member of our front desk staff or by Dr. Johnson. They’ll show you the paperwork you’ll need to fill out. Alternatively, you can bring these forms in with you completed by downloading them from our website.

Your First Visit

Don’t forget to bring your driver’s license and insurance card. Once your paperwork is finished, you’ll be guided through a one-on-one examination with Dr. Johnson regarding your health history and primary concerns.

You’ll find out what your insurance benefits are before any costs are incurred. If you decide you want to continue, we’ll do a physical examination which includes X-rays. You’ll then have a form of therapy to help alleviate your symptoms immediately.

This appointment takes 45-60 minutes.

Your Second Visit

Patient receiving therapyAt your second appointment, we’ll get in-depth about the cause of your symptoms and our recommendations to resolve them.

You’ll sign in and fill out a simple one-page form about how you’ve been feeling since the last time we saw you. Your first step is to have therapy completed in a room. Afterward, you’ll see Dr. Johnson to go over your examination and X-ray findings. You’ll learn

  • How and why you have these symptoms
  • What we recommend to resolve them
  • The costs of care
  • How many visits you’ll need
  • Whether any additional testing is necessary

This is the time when you may ask any questions concerning your condition, therapies or financial obligations. Once you agree on a plan of care, you’ll have a chiropractic adjustment. You’ll check out at the front desk and be on your way in 30-45 minutes.

Get Started Today

Let’s work together to improve your health. Contact Johnson Chiropractic today! We have same-day appointments and late opening hours available.


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