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Help For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Effective Treatment in Sunnyvale, TX

Wrist Pain

We Can Help Eliminate Wrist Pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome afflicts millions of workers worldwide. From effecting those with jobs in offices to those who work in factories, carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful and often debilitating condition. Patients with carpal tunnel often complain of pain and tingling in the hands (usually in the thumb, pointer finger and middle finger), and numbness.

Fast Carpal Tunnel Relief

We can help you find relief from this excruciating condition. First, we check the neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist. These are areas where the median nerve can experience pressure and get impinged upon, causing static in the nerve and eventually pain.

Chiropractic for Carpal Tunnel Works

The good news is that, through the use of chiropractic treatment, we can help get rid of your pain, swelling and inflammation as we’ll get to the cause of the nerve pain. Our goal is to help heal the condition and not just treat the symptoms!


Carpal Tunnel Treatment for Mesquite & Crandall